New album!

Ginger is writing a new solo album, and he wants you to join him on the journey!

Rather than just write, record and produce this album behind closed doors, he want to show you the whole process from start to finish. Running over the next 3 months, Ginger will show you how he goes from an initial song idea, to creating a fully formed set of lyrics and music, then into the studio to record each of the parts that will then be mixed together to produce the final track.

Through a series of video updates, live Q&A’s and exclusive digital content, you will be taken through the making of the album through Ginger’s eyes and ears as the project progresses.

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Your membership will include a copy of the album once it is ready to release, in digital, CD or vinyl format (physical orders will also receive a digital version of the album when it is released).
ETA for the digital release is September 2022, and manufacturing of the physical formats will start shortly after that.

Along with the new album, there will be a sibling album written and produced to accompany it – you can add this to your pre-order at the same time, as well as an exclusive new T-shirt design to listen to it all in!

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